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Elevate Your Brand

This is how you become memorable, grow your sales, and get ready for the media to come calling (because they certainly will). 

Your marketing strategy needs to start from a strong brand foundation. You need to showcase your brand in a memorable way to leave a lasting impression on your audience and create authority in your marketplace. 

When you stand firmly behind your business brand and share your story, you will attract the audience you were meant to serve. When your brand is relatable, customers feel a sense of belonging. These customers turn into your brand advocates, and your reputation grows. 


Do you need help with your branding strategy and signature offers before you pitch the media?
Do you want to learn how to create a brand image that attracts high-end clients?
Do you need guidance with your existing brand so you finally feel confident showcasing it?
If yes, join the Becoming Memorable© VIP program to work with Talia Beckett Davis
and our team of experts one-on-one! 

The Becoming Memorable© Program

Pink Pearl PR Presents

You will feel ready to stand-out with your signature offer.

You will feel more connected with your customers. 

You will feel more secure with your unique brand image. 

You don’t have to figure everything out on your own! We have a plan to help you fast-track your brand success, and get you noticed online for your offers. 

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Create small shifts in your ways of thinking, so that you can make a profound difference with your brand, take control of your mindset, and steer yourself towards positivity and success. 

• Adopt a growth and success mindset to unlock your potential.
• Dispel limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success. 
• Expand your business to new levels you hadn't thought possible. 

Success Mindset for Female Entrepreneurs

prep week

Clarifying your brand is an essential part of business. Along the way, businesses face changes in the market or within their organization that lead them to rebrand. 

• Identify your business goals and let your brand reach them. 
• Evaluate your current brand to create your new business strategy.
• Make key changes to support your new brand identity.

Rebranding Your Business as a Female Entrepreneur 

Module 1


To reach your customers on an emotional level, you need to incorporate your personal stories into your business. Stories communicate exactly what you do and what you stand for. 

• Create story prompts to help you write your own stories. 
• Learn how to tailor the message of your story to your audience.
• Find storytelling opportunities to engage your prospects.

Tell Your Business Brand Story 

Module 2


Signature systems are attractive to customers because they provide ready-made, easy-to-follow solutions to their problems. You will base your system on your own experiences and success in a specific area. 

• Turn your success into a system that will help others.
• Differentiate your system to attract your ideal audience. 
• Create a benefits oriented, memorable brand offer.

Stand-Out With Your Signature Offer

Module 3


Potential purchasers regularly consult the opinions of others before they buy. This trend for greater consumer involvement with brands means that having a brand community is more important than ever.

• Learn how to grow your business through a brand community.
• Learn how to encourage brand engagement and interaction. 
• Attract the right members who resonate with your values. 

Create a Community Around Your Business Brand 

Module 4


Your brand needs to be consistent so that it delivers the same message and customers feel you're a company they can trust. You also need an emotional connection; the associations your brand makes in a customer's mind and attracts them to your business. 

• Focus on the one specific problem that you solve.
• Build your brand through customer interactions.
• Define your marketing goals and create a plan for achieving them! 

The Keys to Marketing a Strong Business Brand

Module 5


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Media Interview Training

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Get our course to build a personal brand that truly represents who you are and what you want to be known for online.

Personal Branding Blueprint

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NEW Book by Talia

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As a female entrepreneur, you have an incredible business, but you don’t know how to consistently attract new customers or clients. You don’t feel confident in your existing online image and your current marketing strategy isn’t working for you. You need a strong brand foundation and a signature offer that you can’t wait to share with the media. Let us help you!

The Becoming Memorable Program

Pink Pearl PR Presents

to help you create your memorable brand image.



to walk you through the process step-by-step.



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Talia brings a trained marketing eye and a global communications background to the world of public relations.

Talia B. Davis is an award winning international relations and public relations expert who works with leading brands across the globe. As the Founder of Women in PR North America, she provides PR training and mentorship to female executives.

Talia has worked with some of the largest brands in North America, helping them get featured in high-profile media outlets. NASDAQ recognized her as a PR Influencer, and PR Week highlighted how she is helping women in the PR field succeed.  

Pamela Michel, Easy2 TECHNOLOGIES 

"Talia is very detail oriented, yet still able to see the big picture. She is adept at understanding new marketing techniques and implementing marketing technology to serve her overall strategic mission. She is very personable and always professional. I've always enjoyed working with Talia!"

James Gray, Skyline BC

"Talia stays well informed and quickly responsive to the project at hand, therefore the projects are easily developed, with excellent results. I really value our professional relationship and encourage anyone to do business with her. "

"I would encourage anyone to do business with Talia!"

"Talia clearly understands the value of marketing a corporation to its audience and has the means to accomplish this. "


Pete Cohen

"Talia and Pink Pearl PR's professionalism is outstanding. She always works hard for her clients and is highly reliable and will get the job done efficiently."

Konda Berry, The 1st Chair & Heritage Baby Products

"Talia shows a driven passion with her marketing ideas and programs. She is not only detail oriented but is very good at multi-tasking. She has great communication skills and pushes her team to be as efficient as she is."

"Talia is an asset to any team or organization!"


Do you need help with your branding strategy and signature offers before you pitch the media? Do you want to learn how to create a brand image that attracts high-end clients?
Do you need guidance with your existing brand so you finally feel confident showcasing it?
If yes, join the Becoming Memorable© VIP program!

The Becoming Memorable Program

Pink Pearl PR Presents

ready to level up?


We work with brands across the globe to help them become memorable. If you are interested in working with Pink Pearl PR, please contact us. We would love to learn about your business!



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