So Rad is a Canadian based business offering eco hip, luxury clothing for babies and toddlers. So Rad offers stylin’, creative, simple product designs on adorable dresses, jumpers, play suits, bath accessories, blankets and kimono onesies to name a few. The “ninja-in-training” outfits are just one of the best sellers, ready for take-out in a reusable cotton ninja bag! Products are designed to be functional and help in everyday parental madness. Each item created was carefully thought out and designed to match features Jasmine Bashaj liked as a parent and found useful in parts of existing clothes, putting it all together in the So Rad collection.

So Rad products are all carefully handcrafted in Canada, using environmentally friendly bamboo with a mixture of organic cotton fabrics, extra soft on bebe’s gentle skin. Offering UV protection, antibacterial properties (the clothes won’t smell) and naturally hypoallergenic properties, how can you go wrong?

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