Meyco has been making baby blankets since 1959. Meyco makes 100% cotton baby blankets for bassinets and cribs. We do this in Germany which means they are authorized to carry the ‘Made in Germany’ merchandise mark. We are proud of this because it represents quality, reliability and of course, sound sleep! And we believe that that is what matters most when it comes to babies and their sleep!

We carry a wide range of baby blankets so that everyone can find a baby blanket to suit their nursery, buggy or car seat needs. We have a very extensive choice of unicolor blankets that look good in every interior. We also have two-sided blankets where each side is in a different color. We have blankets with stripes, spots and other gorgeous designs too!

As well as our large choice of baby blankets, we have also invented the blanket duo. This baby blanket means you have no need for a comforter. Comforters are not recommended for children under the age of 2; instead of using a baby blanket with a cover, you can use a duo blanket. These are two blankets that join together with Velcro. When it is cold in the nursery you can join two layers. When it is warmer you can place a single layer in the cover.




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