Challenge: To create brand awareness for Lorna Jane’s expansion into the Canadian market, promote Lorna Jane Clarkson as an expert in North America, and drive website traffic to the new online store

Solution: Pink Pearl PR worked with Lorna Jane for one year to connect the brand with online influencers, magazine editors, newspapers, podcasts, radio and television producers to achieve media placements and grow sales.

We promoted Lorna Jane’s key initiatives in North America, such as Active Nation Day, Move Nourish Believe and the Active Living Program. We also promoted Lorna Jane Clarkson’s new book launch to help secure editorial coverage as a thought leader.

Media Relations Campaign

Brand Expansion Publicity


Media Coverage Examples


"We worked with Pink Pearl PR as an Executive PR client to expand our brand across North America. Since we started working together, we have grown our Canadian team, launched our Canadian online store, and opened up a new retail location in Vancouver, B.C."

"Grew our team across Canada and opened new retail locations."


"Founder of the brand, Lorna Jane Clarkson, says her company is on a mission to “empower every woman to live a life she loves and reach her full potential through active living."

"This Australian-born activewear brand has arrived in Vancouver to make a statement"

"These editor-curated Mother’s Day gifts will please even the pickiest of fitness fans!"

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We are very proud that we secured the front cover of Oxygen Fitness Magazine, featuring Lorna Jane's Sports Bra. The products were also featured in an online article in the magazine "The Ultimate Fit Mom’s Gift Guide." 

The feature increased traffic to the new online Canadian store and helped to drive new sales. 

Oxygen Fitness Magazine

Front Cover Feature


Lorna Jane products featured on the front cover of D'Fyne Fitness Magazine, modeled by influential female entrepreneur Tosca Reno. "As the innovators and inventors of the activewear category, Lorna Jane believes it can increase their position in the Canadian market and dominate the industry as it has done in Australia for the past 28 years.

D'Fyne Fitness Magazine

Front Cover Feature

"We rounded up a few celebrities in Lorna Jane, and showed how you can steal their active style!" 

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Lorna Jane has quite a few celebrity fans! Pink Pearl PR sent media samples and helped track celebrity spottings.

 "We're told that Charlize Theron practically lives in her Lorna Jane leggings, which boasts flattering lines to help legs look slim and shapely."

Charlize Theron 

Celebrity Spottings

Fresh from the first leg of her book tour, we sat down with leading lady and wellness pioneer, Lorna Jane Clarkson, to gain a personal insight into her latest book, ‘Love You’.


Lorna Jane Clarkson, released her fifth book, Love You, and Pink Pearl PR spread the word in North America. We sent copies of the book to fitness influencers and magazine editors so they could learn more about the woman behind the brand. 

'Love You' Book Launch

Lorna Jane Clarkson 

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For the first time ever in Canada, award-winning technical fashion brand, Lorna Jane will host events across the country to coincide with the launch of Lorna Jane Clarkson's latest book, Love You

"Lorna Jane's vision was to dedicate the last Sunday of every September to inspiring one another to move in a bid to fight the growing number of health issues facing the world today," explains Talia Beckett Davis, President of Pink Pearl PR.

Active Nation Day

Global Event Marketing Promotion 


"The Lorna Jane founder, chatted with the Vancouver Sun about what makes her Australian brand different, what made this the right time to launch in Canada and where she plans to take her business from here.  "

Vancouver Sun Interview with Lorna Jane Clarkson.

Karla Peterson

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"The entire experience was a dream from beginning to end."

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