We work with both start-ups and established brands looking to move into the media spotlight.

Do you dream of having your brand seen and experienced by an exclusive group of media professionals? Do want to hold a press conference to announce a new service or product release?

When you work with Pink Pearl PR to host your next press event, you will create an image of success and authority for your business. We will start by creating a pre-event release and send it along with an exclusive invitation to our coveted list of media professionals.  When you plan an event with Pink Pearl PR, you will get press and social media mentions before, during, and after the event day. We can also incorporate a promotional giveaway!

In today’s digital landscape, we can help you stand out by creating a live experience for your business through event marketing tactics.  Contact us for a detailed proposal about our press event services.

Becoming Memorable PR Program

Extensive PR support that will get you the brand success you desire.

The Becoming Memorable  PR program will show you how to create your legacy brand, find your tribe, make your mark and grow your sales. You will learn how to establish yourself as a credible expert and build a community of raving fans around your brand.  Through the Becoming Memorable program you can access our PR services for as little as $297/month!

Determine Your Brand Story

In this branding mini program, we will show you how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and showcase your unique brand story. The program is designed as an action plan to help you get results!

Promote your new book and get published on high profile websites.

We have designed the PR for Authors training program as a step-by-step PR plan to help you build awareness for your new book at a reasonable cost and timeline. As an author, you have a story to tell and we want to help you share it. Public relations is the telling of a good story and the most effective way to build your author brand. 

PR For Authors Training

Personal Branding Tips (Free!)

In this FREE online training, we share 5 strategies to help you create a personal brand that is brag worthy. You want people to talk about YOU, but you need to share your accomplishments in the right way.