We work with both start-ups and established brands looking to move into the media spotlight.
Our public relations services target the luxury female market – this includes fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle products. Our niche is baby and kids products – from toys to gear to furniture and new fashion trends. We work across North America and Europe pitching new products and helping brands reach a new level of business success. We work with major magazines, such as Glamour, Fit Pregnancy and American Baby (to name a few). We collaborate with major retailers, such as Target, Walmart and Buy Buy Baby. We believe that each client is unique and work hard to execute quality public relations campaigns that make an impact in print and online.

Our full PR executive package includes campaign planning, media pitches and fulfilling media requests. We work with both start-ups and established brands looking to move into the media spotlight. For companies looking for a more affordable option, we offer a NEW petite PR package. Your brand will be featured on our PR website, blogs and social media channels and may be included in pre-existing media opportunities. This package is perfect for smaller brands looking to build an online presence and network with other professionals in the industry. We have a few different options depending on your budget, including monthly memberships and our pink book program. Contact us to discuss today.


We’re always searching for ways to build better brands and brainstorm with businesses to create brand value and success.
Developed for both start-ups and established businesses looking for guidance on building their brand value, the Pink Pearl PR consulting program is tailored to your business needs and covers a range of topics from public relations, marketing and branding. We identify what’s important for your brand success and help you develop an accurate picture of where you want to take your organization over time. We develop a clear understanding of the competitive market, the media landscape and your target audience. Our consulting options range from small brainstorming sessions to in-depth reporting and market research. Book today to find new ways to increase your customer relevance, leading to accelerated growth in today’s challenging business environment. Meetings are conducted through conference calls or over coffee.


You might know how to use social media, but are you active enough to maintain an engaged audience and grow your brand?
Our social media consultants can help you execute a custom strategy with each social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and/or Instagram. We create social media content that ignites and engages an audience. We align our social media strategy with your business values to generate buzz about your brand to your target audience. We consistently share valuable content and understand what social media networks are the most effective to reach your customers and grow sales.

When we help you get that new feature in Fit Pregnancy or Glamour magazine through our PR services, we want to make sure your new social media customers see it. When we help plan your photo shoot or launch party, we want to make sure your social media customers are following along in the process. You may have started your social media accounts, but is your content translating into sales? North Americans spend more time on social media than any other major Internet activity, including email.

With thousands of new customers joining social networks each day, let us work with you to drive new business and press opportunities. Pink Pearl PR works with companies who are just starting to build an online social media presence or companies looking to enhance their existing social platforms by adding compelling, relevant SEO friendly content.


Companies come to Pink Pearl PR because of our proven ability to write content that garners an online reputation.
We work with brands to develop content marketing strategies that initiate a “two-way conversation.” We provide you with quality content that is shareable and triggers engagement. Whether it’s writing new product copy, your brand story, press releases or e-blasts, we develop content to garner an online reputation. Our writing services will match the tone of voice for your brand and for your clients.

Are you building a new website and don’t know where to start? We understand the one step in the web development process that is often skipped over or forgotten altogether: content planning. We help you inventory your current content and organize it into a website plan that is easy for your customers to understand and navigate. We write new content and build your website on WordPress.

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